How to skin care in spring?

1. Prevent skin

Allergies The temperature gradually warms up in spring, but the climate at this time changes greatly, and the temperature will fluctuate, so the secretion of sebum will vary with the temperature, and the climate in spring is dry. In addition, people have more opportunities to go out. At this time, the evaporation of skin moisture is accelerated, and the stimulation of wind, sand, dust, pollen, etc. can easily induce skin allergic reactions. For sensitive skin, you should try your best in spring and avoid going out for spring outings. when necessary. Glue a veil or mask to avoid exposure to pollen. In addition, if you use functional products in spring, it will help the rapid renewal of aging skin, but the skin that loses the protection of keratin is easily damaged by strong wind and sunlight, so some skin allergies that occur in spring are also related to maintenance and medication. stimulus related.

Countermeasures: You can temporarily choose skin care products for sensitive skin. The replacement of each skin care product requires an interval of 1 to 2 weeks. Otherwise, the skin is prone to allergies due to inability to adapt.

2. Sun protection

The climate in spring is changeable, especially in early spring, the cold wind, dust in the air and gradually increasing ultraviolet rays are all threats to the skin. In spring, human skin is in a relatively delicate period, and its tolerance is poor. Even relatively weak sunlight will cause sunburn on the skin, especially the skin with pigmentation on the face, which is more likely to aggravate the pigmentation.

Countermeasures: Apply sunscreen products, and those with pigmented spots on the face can use sunscreen or wear a sun hat in advance.

3. Pay attention to moisturizing

In spring, the climate gradually turns from dry and cold to warm and humid, and dry skin will become more moisturized. In spring, the secretion of sebaceous glands tends to be strong, and the dry skin at this time is caused by the lack of water and the imbalance of water and oil in the skin.

Countermeasures: You should choose refreshing skin care products with moisturizing effects such as lotion and moisturizing lotion.