The founder of make up for ever- Dany Sanz

Dany Sanz is a perfectionist, and the production of the For ever is proof of this. The influence of the make-up industry was incalculable, and many of her students became famous make-up artists and art directors of makeup brands. She draws inspiration from her daily life in Paris, communicating with people during the trip, her products have changed the world of make-up: from a fully waterproof Aqua series to a clear and unambiguous series that responds to high-definition film technology, her persistent desire to solve professional makeup issues has directly driven the birth of each product.

With this brand listing in more than 52 countries, it is easy to see how a woman can create high quality makeup for professionals and women in everyday life, which has become an enduring and world-wide success. Today Dany Sanz has devoted all his life to making up for ever; her creativity and dynamism make this beauty a daily continuation more wonderful.

“My students from different parts of the world have always been my best spokesmen – without their support, make up for ever will not grow into a global brand, and certainly not in these places today.” ”Dany Sanz witnessed her passion to grow into a popular company in LVMH, a leading luxury group. With the success of this brand, Dany created the dream of making up a for ever to become a reality in September 2002. Dany can return to her favorite teaching class, imparting her talents, knowledge and skills to a new generation of makeup artist.

On July 28, 2016, France’s top professional makeup brand made up for ever come in the magic Fashion Holy Land 800 show Creative Park, “dream space” as the theme, staged a wonderful feast for the make-up of the scene, and won the audience and the industry’s unanimous praise of the media. The founder of the Brand and art director Dany Sanz, famous film and television actor Jiang Shuying, as well as hundreds of of the domestic fashion media, American makeup teachers and fashion bloggers are all present, Together to witness this shocking event in the makeup world.

Always walk in front of the fashion, the professional make-up brand rose -make up for Ever, to open the new trend of lip makeup for fashionable women in the spring of 2016.Different from other lip makeup, the most amazing is its porcelain-like glaze color, can instantly give the lips irresistible temptation.