How Beautiful Women Be Made — on the importance of Cosmetics

All confident women will think they are a real gem loved by everyone, including the famous star named Little S. She is a typical beauty of confidence, confidence makes her sexy, confident that she has conquered man! It is justified for women to love beauty, but along with the coming of the summer, some women becomes greasy rather than gem-like because of the secretion of sweat in capillary in this oil secretion exuberant season. Most women have common troubles in the summer: how can they say goodbye to greasy days? One who wants to keep the skin fresh and transparent in the summer, oil control is a must way. Let us bid farewell to the greasy, let the oil do not overflow, let the skin keep refreshing, let us get away from the “natural greasy thing.”! In order to be a real gem, what step should we do, let us see how the experts say.

First, oily skin is bound to be paid attention to. As the old saying goes, we should suppress the symptom with treating the condition. So firstly you should control from the diet, do not eat or eat less spicy food, for these foods will stimulate your secretion, and then you need to pay attention to clean facial dirt so that the skin at least use facial cleanser all day.

Second, cleanliness requires your persistence every day. For the oily skin, skin care physicians recommend to remove the oil by using the cleansing oil products, but remember to use facial cleanser again after the last step.

Third, remove old and horny thing on your face every week. You need to carry on deep cleaning measures on your face to avoid the upgrading of the oily problem. If the cuticle on your face block pores and the oil cannot be successfully discharged, then you will be easily complicated with acne, pimple and other skin problems. So we suggest a strengthening use of deep cleansing mask or exfoliating products for women.

Fourth, we should have an reasonable exercise. You can choose the time before 7 o’clock in the morning or after 6 o’clock in the evening, for this time is relatively cool. Do not rush to enjoy a cool in air conditioner after exercise, for that your body pores are in the open state after exercise. Instead we should let the body temperature slowly turns down, so that it can make the excess grease of your body discharged all. Moreover, we can have some static yoga or other leisure sports to do in the summer to avoid overload movement.