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It feels a little free and uninhibited.

1. Apply nude skin eye shadow on the double eyelid folds, and then use eyeliner to draw eyeliner at the end of the eye, so that the end of the eye is upturned and elongated.

2. Use an eyeliner pen to draw half of the eyeliner at the 1/2 end of the lower eyelid.

3. Fill in the blank space of the eyeliner, and then fill in the first half of the eyeliner.

4. After choosing a dark eye shadow, apply half of the eye socket, and smudge it from the back to the front. Smudge the eyeshadow forward with the eyeshadow.

5. Dark brown eye shadow smudges the outer eyeliner of the second half of the lower eyelid, and the upper and lower eye ends are too natural, diluting the existence of eyeliner.

6. Draw a light brown eye shadow on the lying silkworm to create the makeup of the lower eyelid eye makeup.

7. Draw the arc of the eyeliner at the end of the eye, and finally curl the eyelashes and apply mascara.

How I Entered the Company of Beauty Creations Eyeshadow 35 Color Pro – Palette Frida

What a happy thing it is that I could be a translator in such a company which mainly sells eyeshadow product like Beauty Creations Eyeshadow 35 Color Pro – Palette Frida all around the world. However, the first thing I need to do is help my boss as both translator and interpreter. That is a good job, and a hard one.

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Still remember how I successfully get into this company. When I hand in my resume to the company at second time, their human resource agent gives me a call of interview. And I honestly told them I had ever had an interview before, but there was another human resource agent. However, the agent was very kind, she just told me to come here to receive the second interview.

To be frankly, the second interview in the company was really interesting. Because I had already had the experience, I felt no fear at all. Same hall, same desk, and I sat in the same chair. Entering a women HR, who seemed a little green. After a short conversation, she recommended me to see her manager. Fine, the manager was a women, seemed a little fat, but kind, too. She brought me a real interview about English. From the English conversation, she asked me few questions, like how do I think about the cosmetics product especially the Beauty Creations Eyeshadow 35 Color Pro – Palette Frida, what is my goal in the future, and how will I get to work at here in the future. And I answered her by all I have prepared.

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Later, she stood up, going to report to the boss. 5 minutes later, I was asked to see the boss behind the glass door. Right in this moment, I admitted that I felt really a little bit nervous. The boss was a little young, or precisely, younger than my imaginary. He said, welcome to my company, and I can predict out good cooperation in the future. Then he stressed on that I looked like a good man, and he hoped I could work for him and we could be best friends. Finally, I was informed that I was successfully accepted by them. I was one of them from then on.

Now, I just sat in the office of this company of Beauty Creations Eyeshadow 35 Color Pro – Palette Frida, so proud and so excited. Exactly, just as the boss told me, I would try my best to finish what I have to do. And then, try to make friends in this new environment in the future. I really loved this job.